Before diving in, ensure you check out Part One of Assumptions You Had About Accountants here!

Part two of Assumptions You Had About Accountants [they] are: “They are there under pressure and stress all the time.” And “their job is stressful.” Okay you hit that whole variety of opinions there. Okay, yeah an accountant’s job is probably stressful, but I really think maybe not more than a whole lot of other jobs. A doctor or anybody who’s kind of on the spot, and it can be we try to make it fun.

“You hate your life, it’s boring everyone, expects you to do their taxes for them.” “…They can do my taxes taxes.” So I never really thought I was going to get into the tax industry, but it just kind of happened. And I just happened to be good with numbers, and I like working with numbers so it’s worked out well. And honestly I like helping out my friends and family with taxes. It helps me learn more and be exposed to things I may not be exposed to here at work.