90-day Financial Foundations Program

Ensure Every Financial Business Decision Is Moving You Closer to Your Goals With Our 90-day Foundations Program.

Watch this webinar recording of Sherry Tolbert, Certified Public Accountant, talking about the importance of preparing for tax time year-round, rather than just when taxes are due.

As a business owner, you have a lot on your plate. The last thing you need to be doing is losing valuable time trying to decipher your accounting numbers. Instead, let your system work for you.

Our 90-Day Foundations Program provides you with the tools and plan necessary to build a thriving financial future for your company. It organizes your accounting and helps you establish habits that will help you manage your money more efficiently and effectively. Our goal is for you to be 100% confident in making informed business financial decisions, and this program will give you everything you need to know to get there.

With the right financial foundations in place, you can operate your business with the clarity, confidence, and control that you need.

Accounting coaching with our 90-Day Foundations Program answers those questions and more!

How Will the 90-Day Foundations Program Help My Business?

The 90-Day Foundations Program will strengthen your business financials through:

  • Establishing targeted bank accounts that give you a real-time look at your cashflow
  • Teaching you how to identify and use your financial reports to make informed business financial decisions
  • Helping you establish an initial 12-month plan
  • Mapping out your ongoing schedule to review operating expenses and sales strategies

How Does the 90-Day Foundations Program Work?

This 90-day program begins with a discovery call to determine if it’s right for you and your business. In the discovery call, we’ll discuss the program itself, your business, and your goals. If the program is right for you, we’ll have another meeting to take a deep dive into where you are now and where you want to go. We’ll also schedule our recurring meetings, begin spot coaching, and plan real-time work to support you over the 90-day program.

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