The Benefits of the Business Compass Program

Based on 30 years experience working with small to medium-sized businesses, this core 12-month program will build your toolbox to run your business with confidence: knowing you’re generating revenue to profit and not just staying busy, seeing that you’re generating wealth and not just getting by.

The process and follow through of the Business Coaching Program helps you take full control of your business financials by allowing you to answer these three important questions in real-time:

  • Where is my business today – every day?
  • What are the problems and how can I fix them?
  • Where are the opportunities I can use to make a difference in my bottom line?

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More Benefits of Accounting Coaching with the Business Compass Program Include:

Accounting and Tax Services


  • Create your True North and know exactly where you want to take your business.
  • Get set up to create the most efficient and effective day to day accounting activities so you can spend your time on the most impactful financial decisions.
  • Design the system to provide you the most important numbers to review regularly and get to them quickly.
  • Determine the best approaches to bring consistency for your business.
accountant tax preparer


  • Focus on real revenue generating work and confidently go get more of it.
  • Have control of your cash flow and cash resources to sleep better every night.
  • Avoid nasty surprises because you see what’s coming and have provided for the rainy day.
  • Know your entire financial outlook instead of just what’s in your bank account – you can make decisions with the knowledge of the impact.
  • Make tax-planning a regular event and get to tax return time knowing that you already have it covered.
accounting & tax services


  • Gain the certainty you need with the Business Compass Program monthly meetings to review activity and make adjustments.
  • Become in control of your Cash Planning to get a clear picture of financial health on any day of the week.
  • Own your long-term financial success by knowing your day-to-day accounting status.
  • Happen to your transactions instead of feeling like your transactions are happening to you.

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