Accounting Coaching with the Business Compass Program

Gain Clarity, Confidence and Control of your Small Business Financials with The Business Compass Program.

Are you tired of running your business through your bank balance just to get to the end of the month to do it all over again? Do you keep finding out that your tax bill is due and you never even saw that much money – how could you possibly owe that much in taxes? Do you again need to bring in more sales to cover those bills that you know are coming?

The bank balance management works for today, but will not allow you to build a thriving financial future. It’s not your fault – you’re an expert in your work, provide excellent customer service, and never stop working until the work is done – as late as it takes. How can you feel so strong at the job and so exhausted by the business?

You’re so busy, how could you find time to dig into all the numbers, what should you look at first, and what are they telling you anyway?

Accounting Coaching with the Business Compass Program answers those questions and more!

How Does Accounting Coaching with the Business Compass Program Work?

This 12-month program begins with a Discovery Call to determine if this program is right for you. If yes, then the important Half Day Planning meeting takes place to deep dive into where you are now and where you want to go. This planning meeting documents your goals, intentions and timing for getting things done. Then monthly meetings, spot coaching and real-time work support the plan all year long.

Learn more about the Business Compass Program process.

Small Business Benefits of the Business Compass Program

How’s better sleep? When you can answer these three questions without skipping a beat, so many benefits follow:

  • Where is my business today – every day?
  • What are the problems and how can I fix them?
  • Where are the opportunities I can use to make a difference in my bottom line?

Take a deep dive into the many benefits of the Business Coaching Program.

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