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Are These Tax Myths True?

Love it or hate it, taxes are something we get to deal with annually. Although taxes can be a burden on us all, there are some tax myths that might give us a new perspective. Here are 5 common tax myths that aren't quite true: Tax Myth 1: Filing Taxes is Voluntary [...]

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New Tax Code Impact On Divorce

hello everyone I'm Andrea and I'm here with sherry Tolbert and today we will be talking about the new tax codes impact on divorce. The high income tax payer typically had to pay alimony to the lower income tax payer, so the higher income, the higher income tax payer got to deduct that [...]

2023-02-14T18:31:41-06:00December 17th, 2018|2018 Taxes, Blog, Financial, Taxes|0 Comments

Deprecation Changes Under New Tax Law

The major changes there's two of the major changes one is bonus depreciation now you can deduct a hundred percent of the cost of something that you buy in the first year that you have it that's beneficial just you get a bigger deduction the other major change is the section 179 [...]

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Ask For The Sale! San Antonio Business Owners Sales Psychology

I make it my goal in these weekly notes to pass along information which has proven useful to our firm and our more successful clients. I do this because we want to be a partner with you in helping you grow your San Antonio business. We're not marketing "gurus" around here, but we do hope to demonstrate our [...]

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San Antonio Small Business Debt Collection

How are things going for you? Is there something we can do to help your business during this final quarter of 2017? Do let me know. One nice way to make your quarter better is to get an infusion of cash. However, this is too often a rare occurrence. Too many San Antonio businesses rely on [...]

2022-04-18T05:59:25-06:00September 27th, 2017|2018 Taxes, Blog|Comments Off on San Antonio Small Business Debt Collection
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