How the Business Compass Program Works

Our proven 12-month accounting coaching process helps business owners like you go from tax time terror to clarity, confidence and control of your financials. All. Year. Long.

Strong goal setting and advancement enhances your ability to pivot through the changing environment and strengthens your confidence in your approach to the future. The strategies taught and supported through the Business Compass Program guide your the way to that next level. Let us walk you through the process.

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Discovery Call

As the visionary of your business, you set the tone and direction and this Discovery meeting is where we dig into that vision together. We’ll explore the entire vision, the hurdles that need to be jumped first and the depth of the heart of the job. All of these greatly influence the plan we build and how we will achieve it. 

This 1.5 hour meeting gives us room to explore together. Once the vision is laid out, together we’ll decide the priorities to determine the plan that will follow.


Half Day Planning Meeting – Clarity

Our team begins to organize all the input from our Discovery call in preparation for the Half Day Planning Meeting with the managing members of your team. Together we create an initial roadmap that puts your financials and your relationship with them in line with your overall vision.

Timelines, benchmarks and goals will be mapped out to support your forward progress for the year. At the end of this half day accounting coaching planning meeting we will have structural clarity of the plan and the group will truly be invested in it. With the clarity of the plan, you’ll be on your way to a more confident proactive relationship with your financials through our monthly meetings.


Monthly Meetings – Confidence

The Business Compass accounting coaching program mixes overall financial skills and proactive real-time tasks to give you confidence to navigate through your business financials to achieve your strategic goals.

Everyone can benefit from accountability and the monthly meetings are set up to do just that. By discussing progress, focus and vision updates this time works to keep you on course to your goals. Together we advance the forward progress initiated at the Planning Meeting through review and continued learning throughout the year. Confidence grows in everyday financial decisions as you move along the path.


Real-Time Work – Control

You begin to apply your new financial tools and approaches throughout the month through inevitable roadblocks or unplanned hitches. The growth occurs in the mix of the monthly meetings and your personal ongoing education.
You will work through outside reading and skill building activities that will enhance your growth as the owner and leader of your business. This growth will take you to ‘next-level’ ownership and an enhanced vision of your business.
The additional spot accounting coaching available will help you navigate your financials between meetings. This equips you to tackle real-time financial issues head-on, increasing the control you have over your daily financial decisions.

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